The Team

DarkEmerl (also known as Megan, Megs, Emerl, whatever else you want to call me)

Age: 13

Birthday: February 23rd

Gender: Female

Favourite Anime: Mawaru Penguindrum

Favourite Game(s): The Professor Layton franchise

Favourite Genres: Horror, Shounen

Bio: The British kid. I founded this thing. I enjoy anime with a dark edge, and I also love good visuals and music.

Current Obsessions: Catherine, Another, Persona 4, Black Rock Shooter

Racemouse (also known as Flame, Rasmus or whatever you wish)

Age: 16

Birthday: March 4th

Gender: Male

Favourite Anime: Mawaru Penguindrum

Favourite game(s): The Legend of Zelda franchise

Favourite Genres: Fantasy, Shounen, Adventure

Bio: That Swedish guy. First one to jump on the vagon. Gaming is my life, aswell as anime.

Current obsessions: None

DreamerofStorms (also known as Brynna, Spirit, Riolu, typo queen and more)

Age: 14

Birthday: February 8th

Gender: Female

Favourite Anime: Umineko

Favourite Game(s): Pokemon series, Fire Emblem series

Favourite Genres: Fantasy, Adventure

Bio: The American. I help (sorta). I enjoy many things, except my cat blocking my screen. 90% nerd, I swear.

Current obsessions: Fire Emblem (Neimi and Colm), Baka and Test, Clannad


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